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Big data centre users worldwide are going regional. That’s the conclusion of a new REPORT BY TECH RESEARCH ASIA, which highlights a number of reasons for the trend including value for money, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, new business opportunities, greater surety of expansion and government incentives.

For FKG Group’s recently opened Pulse Data Centre near Toowoomba, the report’s findings provide further evidence of the benefits for users from regional data centres.

Pulse Data Centre’s General Manager, Peter Blunt says Australia’s first regional tier III data centre continues to attract businesses seeking such features as enhanced value and greater data security.

“Regional data centres such as Pulse Data Centre can prove more cost-effective on a total cost of ownership comparison, when considering such costs as land, the ability to generate cheaper or greener power onsite and lower staff costs,” he says.

“With such features as real time remote hands video support, your IT staff can be placed onsite instantly without the need for travel.

“It is also vital to protect your data and regional centres offer genuine geographical diversity, as well as business opportunities, such as from the thriving Darling Downs region.”