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When considering options for colocation data centres or cloud computing services, it is commonly assumed that city-based solutions provide the best outcomes. However, as high-quality colocation data centres, like Pulse DC, continue to emerge in regional Australia, key infrastructure continues to receive high levels of private and government investment, and services such as ‘remote hands’ emerge, the status quo of choosing city over regional continues to be challenged.

In 2018, a report by Tech Research Asia, highlighted numerous benefits of choosing regional, including: value for money; disaster recovery and business continuity planning; new business opportunities; greater surety of expansion; and government incentives.

Despite Pulse DC’s distance from state capitals, clients can take advantage of regional benefits while maintaining efficient access to their infrastructure with the emergence of Remote Hand Services. Conducted via a visual intelligence management platform, the 24/7 service is initiated by a SWIS (See What I See) call between the client and the remote hands personnel - providing quick and remote responses to IT concerns.

On occasions where site visits are required by clients, the Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport offers convenient access to Pulse DC. 11km from the facility, the airport provides one of the most efficient ways to travel in and out of the region, with direct flights to Sydney, Melbourne and Townsville and onward connecting flights.

The Toowoomba Bypass also provides clients with convenient road access to the facility, with the Warrego Highway Interchange located a short 3.4km from the facility. Clients travelling from the Ipswich Motorway and Centenary Highway Interchange in Brisbane can reach Pulse DC within 1 hour and 20 minutes.

As remote access technology continues to emerge, the expansion of transport networks continues to be supported by private and government investment, and the benefits of choosing regional continue to shine, the case for regionally based data centres and cloud computing services will continue to strengthen.

To learn more about the benefits of regional colocation data centres and cloud computing services, contact the Pulse DC team.