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Pulse Data Centre (Pulse DC) customers are set to benefit from a new partnership with Megaport, a leading Network as a Service (NaaS) provider.

The introduction of this partnership allows Pulse DC customers to directly connect to cloud on-ramp services and other data centres almost instantly, from any location, via a secure flexible network, benefiting businesses with improved cloud connectivity and agility.

General Manager, Pulse DC, John Henderson, said that the move has come at an opportune time, with many businesses choosing to continue work-from-home arrangements for their teams while embracing cloud services such as Office 365, and co-locating their data to proactively avoid business disruptions and down-time.

“Many businesses have continued with work-from-home arrangements that were introduced at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, team members are often connecting to cloud services, such as Office 365, via public internet services while doing this,” Henderson explained.

“The new partnership will provide our customers with additional solutions to connect to cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM, Oracle Cloud, Nutanix, and Salesforce among others, via dedicated connectivity – allowing them to take advantage of Megaport’s private connection with the added benefit of on-demand, scalable services.”

Head of Channel Sales APAC, Megaport, Bill Fraser, welcomed the new partnership.

“We are very pleased to be welcoming Pulse DC to our growing ecosystem of data centre partners,” said Fraser.

“Toowoomba is one of the fastest-growing regions in Queensland, and through our rich global network of service providers, businesses in the region can choose and rapidly connect to the services that power their digital strategies.”

“The Megaport SDN simplifies connectivity for enterprises by removing many of the traditional cloud access complexities involving technical resources, capital costs, performance and security.”

“Teaming up with Pulse DC will make cloud connectivity easy for their customers, helping more businesses in the Toowoomba region directly connect to the services they need.”

Since launching in 2013, Megaport’s service offerings continue to expand, with over 700 national and international Megaport locations now available. Through the new partnership, Pulse DC’s customers can now benefit from a variety of services, including:

  1. Cloud On-ramp services
  2. Data Centre Interconnect (DCI)
  3. IX Peering
  4. Megaport Marketplace
  5. Megaport Cloud Router
  6. Megaport Virtual Edge

As companies seek colocation providers who offer exceptional value for money, alongside world class services that are backed by Uptime Institute certification and aligned to sustainable power solutions, they continue to find that Pulse DC is uniquely placed to meet their requirements. Further to this, the announced partnership with Megaport is expected to provide additional benefits to Pulse DC customers, enabling them to access lower cost, high security, fully connected colocation services, without compromise.

Jamie Patch, Managing Director of Priority Technology, a local IT Service Provider, believes that the Pulse DC / Megaport partnership will have a positive impact on their operations.

“The last two years has caused us to evolve numerous areas of our business, including the way our teams work, and how we operate as a whole,” Patch said.

“As we continue to embrace new systems and operations that improve our business agility and productivity, our need for reliable connectivity is at levels never before experienced.”

“We look forward to exploring the new services that will be enabled through the Pulse DC / Megaport partnership and the difference it will make to our bottom line.”