The latest news and updates from Pulse Data Centre.

Following-on from the award of the Tier III Design certification that was received from the Uptime Institute in April this year, Pulse Data Centre (Pulse DC) has now received ‘Tier III Constructed’ certification also.

The Tier III Design certification shows that Pulse DC has been designed to meet the highest standards for infrastructure (topology) functionality and capacity, whilst the Tier III Construction certification ensures our facility is built to its intended performance capacity, effectiveness, and reliability.

These certifications are an important part of running a world-class data centre facility like Pulse DC and demonstrate to the market that Pulse DC is a reliable, effective and secure facility.

Pulse DC Business Development Manager John Henderson says the next step for the facility will be to achieve the ‘Operational Sustainable’ certification.

“We’ll next be going for the Tier III Uptime ‘Operational Sustainable’ certification after running for six-to-12 months under normal conditions.

“These certifications are an external industry validation of the processes and systems we provide to our clients,” said John.

Pulse DC is the only large-scale data centre outside of Australian capital cities and is the first regional data centre in Australia to receive Tier III Uptime certifications in construction and design.