The latest news and updates from Pulse Data Centre.

Pulse Data Centre has been appointed to the Queensland Government information and technology (ICT) supplier panel for the provision of data centre as a service (DCaaS), just six months after opening. The notable achievement will allow government departments and agencies to work with Pulse Data Centre based on pre-negotiated pricing and conditions.

The appointment by CITEC, a division of the Queensland Government’s Department of Housing and Public Works, follows a comprehensive Government review of the recently opened facility, including several site visits along with confirmation of the centre’s Tier III Uptime certification and ISO Quality Certifications (ISO 27001, 14001 and 9001).

Welcoming the approval, Pulse Data Centre’s General Manager, Peter Blunt said it should give both Government and business clients increased confidence in the centre’s ability to support their data requirements.

“Since our official opening in April 2018, Pulse Data Centre has won recognition as the nation’s first regional Tier III data centre, reflecting the trend of large-scale data centres being located in lower-cost areas due to their economical land and building costs, enhanced security and ability to rapidly expand in response to client demand,” Mr Blunt said.

“Customers ranging from leading financial institutions, government to global giants can take advantage of the centre’s flexible offerings, from single racks to extensive private suites, protected by a fully integrated video, building and rack access security system,” Mr Blunt continued.

Constructed by the FKG Group, the $40 million Pulse Data Centre has continued to attract local, national and international clientele due to its benefits including its location 500 metres above sea level, its value for money proposition to clients and its support for organisational disaster recovery and business continuity planning, along with the facilitating the growth of the fast-expanding Toowoomba regional economy.