The latest news and updates from Pulse Data Centre.

Toowoomba’s Pulse Data Centre (Pulse DC) has been announced as the first location of a national rollout by indigenous-owned tech services business, Kalinda IT.

Australian-owned and built Pulse DC, is Kalinda IT’s first official operational location and will kick-start the firm’s expansion across key regional and rural areas.

Kalinda IT Founder and CEO Michael Dickerson said the agreement “would now allow us to accelerate our plans to enhance capability across country, creating new employment pathways and opportunities for First Nations people across Australia to work directly with government and local, national and international businesses.”

“We have a clear vision to drive digital inclusion, on country, in country and with country, and to create education and employment opportunities for Indigenous people within the IT, IoT and Cybersecurity sector,” said Mr Dickerson.

The announcement follows news that Australian-owned Trifalga DC would back Kalinda IT’s expansion plans, providing capital for infrastructure for each site, with Kalinda providing tech services to manage, run and sell services within each asset.

In September 2021 Kalinda IT concluded a well-supported capital raise of $3M with Trifalga DC and Reach Markets, with further capital raising planned this year as they consider potential acquisitions.

Kalinda has clients including global airlines, Federal and State Government departments and LifeGuard Health Networks - the only FCC-approved remote health monitoring service.

Partnering with the Pulse Data Centre puts Kalinda IT in the heart of one of the nation’s fastest-growing regions.

Located within the AATLIS Precinct at Toowoomba, Pulse Data Centre opened in 2018 becoming Australia’s first regional Tier III Uptime certified facility.

Toowoomba, with its advanced manufacturing, agritech, innovation hub, defence industries - and at the fork of several fibre paths - is an ideal base for the regional roll-out, with a focus on decentralised data processing, cloud connectivity, data sovereignty and cybersecurity.

Pulse DC is 120 km from Brisbane CBD and only 220 km from the new cable landing station located at the Maroochydore, and has differentiated itself by being close enough for low-latency connections to support south-east Queensland and Northern NSW, but with enough geographic diversity to provide true business continuity protection.

Pulse DC General Manager John Henderson said the relationship would mean new capabilities and opportunities, bringing additional value and service offerings to customers

and therefore complementing traditional co-location services which, is at the core of what Pulse looks for in its partners.

“Our location made sense for the partnership with Kalinda IT. Pulse DC offers a high level of physical security and communications resilience,” he said.

Pulse DC has proven its capabilities to support Government and Industry through the clients and carriers already hosted in the facility and its appointment to the Queensland Government DCaaS panel in 2018.

“The partnership with Kalinda IT only strengthens this proposition of Pulse DC being a key location for data storage and distribution of the future.

“As an indigenous-owned business Kalinda IT connects Government and Enterprise customers looking to directly engage an accredited First Nations supplier and highly trained professionals to relocate their data.

“We are very excited about this partnership and believe businesses around Australia can benefit from this arrangement, while knowing they are supporting two Australian-owned businesses and hosting infrastructure in a world-class, Tier III certified facility,” said Mr Henderson.

Pulse DC continues to expand and will ultimately comprise three separate data centre buildings, each with independent mechanical and electrical infrastructure on its large greenfield site. Each data centre building has capacity for over 750 racks in 4 Halls and 2 Carrier Rooms, capable of supporting 2450kW of IT load. With high power capacity and a large available footprint on a custom-built single level, Pulse DC is ideal for any size organisation, with ample future expansion capacity.